Save Our Water / Save Our Planet Room Cards

A CHLA Member Benefit

Request Save Our Water / Save Our Planet cards for your rooms.

California’s drought is very serious.

To help do our part and encourage your guests to conserve water, CHLA + CABBI are providing free Save Our Water / Save Our Planet cards for guest rooms. These cards are asking guests to delay any room cleaning services until check-out, which we hope will contribute to helping save not only water, but also energy and reduce waste at the same time.

CHLA + CABBI recognize how vital it is for all California businesses to do everything possible to address the state's lingering drought conditions and we can only hope our guests can join us in our conservation efforts. This effort is the result of a partnership with the State of California’s Save Our Water program, which is coordinated by the California State Water Resources Control Board encouraging Californian’s to save water. More information about this program can be found at

Please consider helping to save our water and our planet by ordering these free Save Our Water / Save Our Planet cards for your guest rooms.

Complete the form to request cards for your property at no cost.

This a free service and member benefit for CHLA + CABBI members.

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