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We Need Your Help to Stop the Biggest Property Tax Increase in California’s History

A ballot measure to remove business properties from Proposition 13’s tax protections and require them to be reassessed at current market value at least every three years is on the November Ballot, which will cost the hotel industry billions every year. We need your contribution* to stop it.

Under Proposition 13 (1978), the government’s ability to implement property tax increases and re-assessments on businesses and residents are restricted. Tax proponents are sponsoring Proposition 15, which would create a “Split-Roll Tax” that strips protections from business properties and requires reassessment of properties at market value at least every three years. 

CHLA is working with a statewide coalition to stop the measure, but needs additional funding to roll-out a successful campaign. A contribution* today will help avert property tax increases beyond what we can cover in the COVID-19 era. Click here to learn more. 

The recommended amount of contributions is $9,995 per select service property and $20,000 per full service property. All of your contribution (100%) will be provided to the No on Prop 15 campaign.

*CHLA will send a single check to the No on 15 committee, along with a list of each participating contributor and the specific amount contributed so everything can be properly reported by No on 15 campaign. Contributors may have their own reporting requirements. If you would like our compliance counsel, Nielsen Merksamer, to provide assistance with that, please let us know when you send your contribution to CHLA.






Your ReportingYour contribution to No on 15, made through CHLA, will be disclosed on campaign finance reports filed by the committee and may also need to be reported on campaign finance reports filed separately by you as the contributor.  Individuals or entities that contribute $10,000 or more in the aggregate in a calendar year to California state or local candidates, ballot measures, political parties, or PACs are required to file their own campaign finance reports, known as “Major Donor Reports.” Contributions to the No on 15 committee made through CHLA count toward this $10,000 threshold. In addition, beginning August 5, 2020, Major Donors are also required to report certain political contributions of $1,000 or more within 24 hours of making the contribution

Important Notice:  Under California law, if you seek reimbursement for any portion of your contribution, you are required to disclose the true source of funds used to make the contribution. If this applies to you, please include a separate sheet listing the name, address, and amount information for each entity that is participating in your contribution. In addition, if you are directing multiple contributions from different sources, note that contributions received from affiliated individuals or entities must be aggregated and treated as being from a single contributor. 

Foreign Prohibition:  Contributions from foreign entities and foreign nationals are prohibited.